sir winsalot slot made me Unicorn

Since childhood I have been very fond of horses, dog and other pets as well. As my grandparents used to live on the countryside and my uncle still does. And even today I used to go on his farm every now and then. I lived my childhood on that very farm that makes me go there as frequently as I can. It really feels so good there because I spent first 10 years of my life growing up there. Then my father switched to the city along with the family.

He had to come there as there were fewer opportunities for me living there. And he wanted me to be an architect so he brings me as well with him and made me study hard. And I stood all up to his expectations and become what he wanted me to be. Being an architect there was part of me that still liked the farms, the cattle, the mud, the horses and the fresh breeze of the country.

I am very fond of horse riding which makes me visit my uncle’s farm as frequently as I can be. I see them as they are out of this world like uniorns. This epic bond with horses made me choose the “sir winsalot slot” game when I started gambling at first. Being a product of the very well-known online slot game company, it is really up to the mark and the best game for the beginners. It is a five-reel, twenty-line, and one 100 coin video slot machine game, which clearly means that there will be five reels, out of which you have to make your winning combinations. I really enjoyed the game when I started it first.

Mummy’s Gold- If You Want All Perfect

Money in both the hands is the most desired thing which every person loves to have for sure. And if it happens all of a sudden, there is nothing much better than it. Enjoying the fun of the game also with the bucks with you is like the gifts in both hands. So the online gambling is the very nice option to achieve this. This concept is being so common in the web world today as each person is accessing the cloud for most of his day.

One such place is the mummys gold. Like most of the online places, the concept here is also being empowered by the renowned microgaming software with the beautiful graphics and the sound quality at par. The bonuses and the prize amount are in the row of the best Australian online casinos. When reading its name for the first time, I recalled the very famous movie named as the mummy. It has the stuff which really thrilled me and I enjoyed it many times.

I thought after hearing this name that this place also has the similar spark into it which gone grab the crowd for long. And certainly I was right. This place really made a big positive place in my heart by offering so much of the variety. And this is what a player needs.

Simply download the app of the casino and register yourself in minutes. Then you can enjoy the fun at home after login here. I also used my android mobile for the same. And luckily won the bonus point for the slots I choosed from the list of the games for the instant play. May be the review here that i made before helped me helped me in achieving this as I was very well prepared with all the tricks and tactics to be used. And it made me the winner. So I suggest the people here to have a try of it and taste the perfectness.

Become a ‘Jetsetter’ with Jetset Slot Machine

It was the time when I was travelling from UK by a plane. I was searching for some stuff to play for fun over the internet. So at last I found the Jetset. I became so happy to see it as it was based on the theme of jets and I love them. It was a strategic play. I liked it very much to play these kinds of plays. I make up my mind and started playing it. It has 3D like themes and well cleared graphics. Initially my speed of playing was not so good. But after a moment I speedup as fast as I can. I was lost in the game in such a way that I didn’t come to know when I reached to my destination. Then I left the airport and switched for my home.

When, I reached my home. I was there in my home but my mind was with it because it was such kind of play and I was not able to complete it. Hence, when I got some time I started playing it. I suggested it to my friends to play together on a same table and enjoy it. You can’t imagine each of them started playing it and they were thanking me for such an awesome thing. They too made good scores on it. By playing it, I won lots of bonus gifts that I could share with my family or friends. I sent a lot of gifts to all of my friends.

Sometimes I and my friends planned a get together at a single place to play it by challenging each other’s. On those moments we were having lots of fun. Unbelievable score were made by us. I remember that I had made silver and gold scores at that time and enjoyed a lot. This gave me a lot of gifts and lots of fun. Now I am playing the advanced version of it. This is too good with enhanced features. This provides the mind blowing performance for the players. It helps the players whenever they stuck in. The booster in the game gives energy to the player to enhance speed and win gifts. I thanked the developers for providing such kind of fun with it. Really it makes me a jetsetter. If you want fun, play it and I am sure you will enjoy it.

My Passion for Intercasino

Last month I was on my trip to Japan for a client meeting there. I reached there one day before my schedule. I stay in a hotel and after taking some refreshment I took rest for sometimes. But I started feeling bored there so I decided to search some online stuff for fun. Then I got an Intercasino game website. Then excitement is created in me towards this. That excitement was created due to its good looking graphics that was based on the old comic models and superheroes. Now I want to know the basics of this so I found the blog and got information about it.

That software was in different versions so I can download it and use it in offline practice mode. I started playing my first chance in the practice mode. When I became a little bit familiar with this then I decided to play it on the premium platform. I download the software and then I had to join this by making deposits. As a new user I have got bonus code as 130% match bonus up to 300 euros like that. As I remember the currencies was in euros and in US dollars. I used my credit card for payment and made my deposits. The transactions were done by the third party applications. There was a transaction method that a player can deposit cash or withdraw it form Intercasino.

Now I had deposited that money and I was ready for the play with my bonus. I had better graphics in this premium version then I expected about it. I was going on the right way to play it and collecting more and more bonus codes. As the play was going on I was becoming crazier for this. So played it and continued till late night. I collected a lot of cash in my account.

When, I came to my home after finishing the meeting. I had a rest for two days from my company. So I played online for full days. I found a blog on that site it was opinions given by the users. There I saw many views of players they have jackpots in million. I played for fun. Now I am waiting for the mobile app for more fun. I became very crazy for this game. Really, once you play it you will forget all the others.

Great Griffin

This post is about the last but not least my favourite slot machine which I mostly use to play, whenever I get time. Playing these is not very typical task. Yes I am not in denial that every slot is easy but the concept of all these are almost same. It is always a dilemmatic situation of making the choices. In the same way I also get confused last time when I was searching for any typical one. I found many suggestions but the game I went for was great griffin. Whenever I play I can’t get any escape from this.

This one is features with 5 reels and fifty lines of pay designed by microgaming. The best thing which I like about this was the range of betting. There are also many features which keeps it different from the other which are known about the canfield. This one is very famous in the eastern street of the Australia’s casinos.

The graphics was the very cute and amazing which gives you pleasure by playing and relaxing your mind. And theme was the focused on the magic spells and artifacts. In the gambling clubhouses there are more than options and it depends on you what you prefer to play. The card games like blackjack is very famous. Even you can play it online too. These one I use to play for hours and infact I do not get bored with it. If you will find any type of difficulty in it so you can find some reviews or guidelines which will help you out to go through with this.

And the best part about this one is if you hit continuous 3 hit spins then you will win the jackpot and more chances of winning the big amount. It will give a great felling when you win a jackpot with the bet of minimum amount. The very special feature about this the winning possibilities are very high including random wild cards like farmer, griffin and lakes etc. with extra bonus points. So at the end of this I will recommend you to play it and win it.

Fantastic world of Fantastic 7

Last year I was in London as physiotherapist in the London Olympics and was the best day of my life because I had tons of experience which gave many opportunities to serve for the sports and my country. I came to know much about many things about the athlete that how they use to get rid from the pressure of little words and many more. I was surprised that some of them use to visit the world of pokies to get retention from the pressure. That was the only reason which impressed me and I also went for the search of the games of online pokies after the Olympics. The game which I went for was Fantastic 7 which was based on the concept the super hit movie.

Fantastic 7 is featured with three reels and single lines of pay in which players can go for the bet of three coins in each spin of the slots. In this one there is no such feature of special bonus or there are no such wild symbols. The players can go for the choose of different sizes of coins which ranges from $0.25 to $5, so the user have the options to make the bet up to three coins which makes the maximum of $15 at each spin in the store provided.

The wild symbols of this one is the 7s only which will give you the chance of getting the bigger win and may reward in the form of coupons which you can use for the location of the store of the jackpot. I can be sure about one thing that you would have gone for many one but the theme of this one is really awesome and eye pleasing which is out of the world. The locations of the icon are placed in such a way that you cannot stop yourself from making your eye out of the window of this app. Finally it is awesome one with the easiness of learning even for the newcomers too. I was fortunate I won many prizes and even some amount of real cash too which make to feel overwhelm. You will love it.