Great Griffin

This post is about the last but not least my favourite slot machine which I mostly use to play, whenever I get time. Playing these is not very typical task. Yes I am not in denial that every slot is easy but the concept of all these are almost same. It is always a dilemmatic situation of making the choices. In the same way I also get confused last time when I was searching for any typical one. I found many suggestions but the game I went for was great griffin. Whenever I play I can’t get any escape from this.

This one is features with 5 reels and fifty lines of pay designed by microgaming. The best thing which I like about this was the range of betting. There are also many features which keeps it different from the other which are known about the canfield. This one is very famous in the eastern street of the Australia’s casinos.

The graphics was the very cute and amazing which gives you pleasure by playing and relaxing your mind. And theme was the focused on the magic spells and artifacts. In the gambling clubhouses there are more than options and it depends on you what you prefer to play. The card games like blackjack is very famous. Even you can play it online too. These one I use to play for hours and infact I do not get bored with it. If you will find any type of difficulty in it so you can find some reviews or guidelines which will help you out to go through with this.

And the best part about this one is if you hit continuous 3 hit spins then you will win the jackpot and more chances of winning the big amount. It will give a great felling when you win a jackpot with the bet of minimum amount. The very special feature about this the winning possibilities are very high including random wild cards like farmer, griffin and lakes etc. with extra bonus points. So at the end of this I will recommend you to play it and win it.

Fantastic world of Fantastic 7

Last year I was in London as physiotherapist in the London Olympics and was the best day of my life because I had tons of experience which gave many opportunities to serve for the sports and my country. I came to know much about many things about the athlete that how they use to get rid from the pressure of little words and many more. I was surprised that some of them use to visit the world of pokies to get retention from the pressure. That was the only reason which impressed me and I also went for the search of the games of online pokies after the Olympics. The game which I went for was Fantastic 7 which was based on the concept the super hit movie.

Fantastic 7 is featured with three reels and single lines of pay in which players can go for the bet of three coins in each spin of the slots. In this one there is no such feature of special bonus or there are no such wild symbols. The players can go for the choose of different sizes of coins which ranges from $0.25 to $5, so the user have the options to make the bet up to three coins which makes the maximum of $15 at each spin in the store provided.

The wild symbols of this one is the 7s only which will give you the chance of getting the bigger win and may reward in the form of coupons which you can use for the location of the store of the jackpot. I can be sure about one thing that you would have gone for many one but the theme of this one is really awesome and eye pleasing which is out of the world. The locations of the icon are placed in such a way that you cannot stop yourself from making your eye out of the window of this app. Finally it is awesome one with the easiness of learning even for the newcomers too. I was fortunate I won many prizes and even some amount of real cash too which make to feel overwhelm. You will love it.

Immense fun with Untamed: Crowned Eagle

Another interesting game came for you guys with the unique features and the fun for sure, as always. It is full of the excitement and the fun for those who love this place from heart and wants to spend most of their free time to utilize here toad some spark in the life. This is actually the reality of the life that we always want the happiness and run for the lifetime for the desire of satisfaction and the fun.

With these thoughts I decided to write this post to share with people here one way to keeps you full of enjoyment always. This is the online slot Untamed Crowned Eagle which is my favorite and I am sure that the game lovers here will also gonna like it.

It is a 243 ways video slot with the 5 reels and also the wildlife adventures for the game lovers to be stay attached with it for so long. The bonus features here makes the play to be more lucrative and the passionate for sure. It is actually the latest version of the untamed series and has the heart throbbing theme involved in it.

Simply you have to download the app and then you can taste the amazing slot game. I also went further with the mobile and got so many free spins, it was like an rocking experience as I undergone the same for the first time. But love to have it anytime now.

Inca Gold – ancient ride

You may be surprised to know that the world of pokies will not let you to get untouched with anything, as if they know the demand of the mass. Before releasing of anything they sow the seed in such a way that the plant grows with many flowers and become most popular. One day I was watching a show on national geographic I came to know about the Incan Empire which was the largest empire in America. Betting is my passion and went to find any games which would be similar to the background of that empire and I was very happy to find Inca Gold. Without wasting a moment I downloaded the full paid app and also read about the play through eBook which deals with the rules of going through it.

This is the 20 line with five reels which is designed by microgaming the most promising brand of developing such things. The main object of this one is that you will have to make the matching of symbols in such a way those they matches to the symbols of the active slots from left to right. The music used for this one is very pleasing and I was influences in such a way that I ordered the cd of that and some disc of that musician too.

To know more about the civilization I read the books related to that and found many images on searching through Google. The graphics is designed in such a way that you will get the feel as if you are sitting with the old peoples having some bottles of beer travelling through on your jeep in their city.

The interface is full of many wild symbols which deal with the coins and free spins too. The silver wild symbols will give you the most number of rewards. Usually I turn my mobile on airplane mode when I go through this one. The awards which you will win in this one are depicted in such a way that they are of that empire only.